Cancelled Projects

The Smashing Machine

Van Damme stars alongside some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts in the story of a young champion who helps a has-been return to former glories. The movie was set to start shooting in July 2007 with real-life Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) champions for producer Moshe Diamant, director Simon Fellows (UNTIL DEATH) and production companies Signature Pictures and Foresight Unlimited.

Due to creative differences the movie was cancelled. This isn't actually Van Damme's fault. Sheldon Lettich, director and friend of JCVD confirms: “Jean-Claude was not happy with a lot of the production choices that were being made. I do want people to know that Jean-Claude felt he had some very solid and compelling reasons for making the decision he made. Please, don't blame him. He has not burned bridges with guys like Fedor, Cro Cop any of these guys. Believe me, they're not blaming him.”
Bloodsport 2: The New Beginning 

Yes, you heard it right! The one film that has been consistently associated with Jean Claude for the last 18 years or so is Bloodsport. He's teamed up with his old buddy, Sheldon Lettich (who wrote the original Bloodsport), to do a sequel. This project is also named "B-2" .
Asterix at the Olympic Games

Van Damme could play the athlete Cornedurus. But in september 2006, Van Damme has officially declined, so he won’t be seen in this movie. The reason is that JCVD is busy with intensive training and preparation of his next action movie. 

On Kumite is scheduled for 2006, but it seems nobody knows of this prject is cancelled, or just delayed. In this movie Jean Claude Van Damme plays the only westerner to ever win the Championship of the Kumite, returns to defend his title after years of alcoholism and despair, overcoming great odds to achieve greater glory. 
Cover Play
When the Seven Wonders casino-hotel is taken over by Russian terrorists, the hostages' only hope is a reformed thief Eddie Reed (jean claude van damme) accidentally trapped inside.
Streetfighter 2

In April 2003 there were rumours that Van Damme would do another Streetfighter movie. It was reported that Holy Valance would co-star in the movie, replacing Kylie Minogue who starred in the first. But later that seemed not to be true. In May of 2003 Dolph Lundgren was on ESPN and told them he'll be doing Street Fighter 2 with Van Damme. That was the last time we heard about this project.

The Monk

This project would be directed by Ringo Lam (Maximum Risk) and had a budget of $25 Millions. Van Damme did a lot of promo for this movie on Cannes filmfestival, 2001. The Plot?  A Shaolin monk journeys to America in search of his father and finds himself in a battle with an evil crime lord. But Ringo Lam decided not to do the film after all - saying it's too much like a poor-man's version of "Rush Hour 2".