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On this page you can find some info about Van Damme's game history.  As you allready knew or heard before,
there is a very formiller character in the Mortal Kombat games His name is johhny cage and the story behind this character has allot
 of common with the story of JCVD because this charachter was supposed to be Van Damme but it did'nt went well when
 the creators asked JCVD to cooperate with them...


Originally, creators Ed Boon and John Tobias wanted to create a video game starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
with a digitized version of the action star fighting villains. Unfortunately, Van Damme was already in negotiations with
another video game company (that game was never realized either) so that plan was scrapped. They decided instead to
 create a game loosely based on Enter the Dragon (1973). Van Damme's likeness is still clearly seen in the character
of Johnny Cage: a Caucasian martial arts movie star whose signature move is leg-split. Ironically, Van Damme would
make his digitized video game debut in Street Fighter: The Movie (1994/II) (VG)

Pictures from the original game Street Fighter: The Movie(as mentioned above)



Van Damme is more famous than we think... Abserve here

We can be proud of that Van Damme got his name attached on one of the most famous games "Metal Gear Solid" Solid snake got also Van Damme's famous 360 degrees spin kick!

According to an interview with Hideo Kojima, Solid Snake was designed after Christopher Walken's face with Jean-Claudde Van-Damme's physique.


Two games that appeared on Super Nintendo Entertaiment System (SNES)

- Universal Soldier (1992)

- Timecop (1994)